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Our partnership with Columbus Capital Lending means that we can help you find your ideal home with the best financing options. All in one place.

The Homebuying process is not an easy one.

Finding the right deal is only the first step. The financing side can really be overwhelming for those who are not familiar with it and don´t have the appropriate guidance.

Miami Listings Agents are aware of your particular situation and expectations, making sure the whole buying process is as seamless as possible. Our agents will walk you through from the moment you start looking for a new property, until you close a satisfactory deal.

Here are some of the financial options available to you:

Financing Options

Don´t let anything stop you from becoming a homeowner. We offer awesome financing options and will guide you through the whole process. Get Pre-Approved Today!

  • Conventional Loans arrow
    • Backed by one of the most solid mortgage brokers, our agents will smooth out the process for you, making it easier for you to qualify for the best loan-to-value-ratio.
  • Jumbo Loans arrow
    • The size of your dream should not be restricted by financing limits. Eligibility for a Jumbo Loan is not as difficult as it sounds. Getting into highly competitive Real Estate markets, and our agents will help you navigate through their unique underwriting requirements.
  • Interest Only Loans arrow
    • This is a powerful tool if combined with a solid strategy to build equity or having some extra money to perform home improvements. There are great advantages to this approach. Feel free to discuss your Interest Only options.
  • VA Financing arrow
    • Service Members and Veterans have incredible financing options through VA financing. This government backed program provides unparalleled opportunities to Veterans to become homeowners. Find out if you are eligible!
  • FHA Loans arrow
    • Our approved FHA lender can guide you through the process of obtaining a low down payment loan for your home. This is the most popular and easiest ways to get financing. Our friendly agents will make the process of getting an FHA loan a breeze!
  • Fixed Rate arrow
    • Under the current market conditions, fixed rate mortgages are gaining momentum as interest rates show a favorable trend. Miami Listings agents, along with Columbus Capital Lending, will walk you through the pros and cons of fixed rate loans and see if this is the right option for you.
  • ARM arrow
    • Adjustable rates mortgages provide visible advantages when compared to 30 Year Fixed plans. Our qualified real estate agents will tell you everything you need to know about 5/1 ARM plans and how to make the best of them.
  • 203K Streamline arrow
    • If your perfect home is still in need of some rehabilitation or repairs, all you need is to talk to one of our agents and find out if you qualify for a single loan to finance the purchase price and repairs needed. All in one single step.
  • USDA Loans arrow
    • Affordable housing can be within your grasp. Explore your options and learn if you qualify for an USDA loan. With the proper guidance, you can get great credit flexibility and become a homeowner sooner than you expect.
  • Non-QM Loans arrow
    • Credit history does not define who we are and what we are capable of achieving. The newer rules for Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans lets us have a more integral picture of your ability to repay based on many factors besides your credit score.
  • HomePossible arrow
    • A program made to compete in the Low Down Payment market, Freddie Mac´s Home Possible loan options allow you to expand the options for families with relatively moderate household incomes. It´s never been easier to become a homeowner.
  • HomeReady arrow
    • Fannie Mae´s entry to the competitive Low Down Payment market. With really attractive options for borrowers, having a house is now within the reach of families with moderate income. Our agents will be glad to show you what this program has to offer and all its advantages.
  • Non-warrantable Condo arrow
    • We know how difficult it is to find brokers for non-warrantable condos nowadays. Columbus Capital Lending offers many tools to get you access to the capital you need for financing or refinancing. Talk to one of our agents to determine the warrantability of the property and the steps to obtain proper financing.
  • Reverse Mortgages arrow
    • This is an awesome financing tool for seniors. A thorough analysis of your current economic situation, income and equity, as well as your future expectations will tell you whether or not a reverse mortgage will bring you the benefits you expect.
  • Refinances arrow
    • Take advantage of lower interest rates by refinancing your home loan. Talk to our agents and they will show you how to qualify for better interest rates or have a better risk management tool.

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